Apr 242015
Content Disconnect

graphic courtesy of Market Connections and Merritt Group

Does you company know the kind of information prospects want to receive from you? According to a survey released last month by research firm Market Connections, many government contractors talk about themselves rather than share information government buyers are seeking.

Titled the Federal Content Marketing Review 2015, the report is a good read and available for free download with registration. The biggest takeaway by far for me is illustrated in the slide above. The survey found a clear disconnect between the content contractors prioritize in their content marketing and the content their prospects would like to receive. (Doug Burdett’s Fire Support blog has a good discussion of how contractor content tends to be self-centered).

This really hit home for me because I have this conversation with every client. For years now I’ve counseled clients to adopt the mindset of a publisher when devising their content marketing strategy. You need to think about educating your prospects, not selling to them immediately. Share your specific expertise and make prospects smarter – doing that will build your audience and establish a relationship that can be leveraged when the prospect is ready to engage further.

This kind of ongoing education is vital in the age of the enlightened buyer. Buyers don’t need to contact your company to get information — there are many channels today for vetting service providers. Your company needs to constantly provide information in the form prospects want, and in a way that establishes your expertise in your market. If you don’t, you’ll engage too late in the process and the only differentiator to be discussed will be the lowest price.

No sale can happen without trust and credibility being established first. Adopt the mindset of a publisher to create that kind of relationship, and make sure your content delivers the education your prospects desire.




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