Sep 022014

Paul Valliere Euro-spec E36 M3

Today I’m publishing part one of my interview with Paul Valliere. Paul is a long-time BMW enthusiast who owns three classic BMW M cars, one of them being the Euro-spec E36 M3 pictured above. Only 45 of these vehicles were imported to North America in 1994, and Paul has the official number one. Bimmer magazine did an article about Paul’s car back in 2008.  (No online link from Bimmer unfortunately, but you can learn more here in this forum discussion.)

In part one, Paul and I discuss his E36 M3, as well as his E30 M3 and E34 M5. Paul had some trouble with his microphone during the call, so apologies for a couple of garbled sequences. If you’re accessing via a mobile device and the audio player doesn’t appear below, click here for the file.

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