May 242012


My latest Wine and Dine column in live over at WashingtonExec. Gabriele and I recently got back from a very enjoyable getaway featuring perfect weather and beautiful vineyards.

My WashingtonExec piece tries to provide general tips for visiting Sonoma. I’ll be reviewing some of the specific wines we enjoyed in subsequent posts here on Work, Wine and Wheels.

  One Response to “Sonoma a Great Vacation Spot to Unwined”

  1. Chris, sounds like you had a great time in Sonoma. My wife and I visited a few years ago with some friends and rented a house outside Healdsburg and just loved it. We made it to quite a few wineries, favorites being Lancaster Estate, Ferrari-Carano and Hanna. Sitting outside on Hanna’s Deck, sipping some Sauvignon Blanc was just about as good as it gets!! The only thing better would be to drive the M5 over instead of the rental Camry!

    Glad you had a great time…so many places, so little time! Looking forward to your reviews on the wines and wineries.

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