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  1. John Sietsema
    January 18, 2012

    Nothing ever stays the same forever, but M still stands for a very special automobile. Whether you like it or not is immaterial to the brand.

  2. PoGOOD
    January 19, 2012

    We discussing it on our polish BMW oriented blog [http://goo.gl/JUa8e ] with our readers and their opinions are divided.

    Some say it will help BMW brand survive (filling up every gap in the market and “listening” to customers), but I personally and majority of our readers think it will dilute the strength of the “M-badge” and ask “why”.

    Why was it necessary if we already can have a 535d xDrive with M-Pack or X6 4.0d xDrive with M-pack also.
    Woldn’t it be better for the M-subbrand to produce something like BMW 550d xDrive Performance or similar?

    The M will stay “untouched” and above the Diesel crowd, but the customer willing to pay for the extra oomph and styling will get what he wants.

    Don’t make me wrong – I KNOW they will drive like hell, but it’s not the point of technical advancements or technology itself. I fear the M-badge erosion, not the skills of Bavarian engineers…

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