Jun 142011

I’ve been publishing this blog for three and a half years. I launched it with three topics to work with rather than just one, since I thought that would make it easier to come up with interesting content.

That has turned out to be mostly true, but it still can be tough to consistently publish good stuff twice a week. It can feel like a grind sometimes. But since I counsel clients about the importance of engaging in social media, I need to lead by example.

Then something happens to remind you how exciting social media can be. This happened to me over the weekend when I discovered that my blog had the top spot — NUMBER ONE — in organic responses on Google for the terms “BMW and “quality.”

All Hail the Google Algorithm - click to enlarge

I was blown away. Obviously this blog talks about Wheels only part of the time. Since I own a 1999 M3 and a 2002 M5, most of the time BMW issues are discussed. I had seen steady, daily traffic based on those search terms and finally checked it out. But I never expected the top spot on Google.

This ranking is testament to the power the Internet gives to the individual. Anything is possible with enough passion and persistence. I wrote the post back in August of last year about BMW quality issues, and it has become one of my most popular ever. (Mike Miller,  a well known BMW writer, sending me copy to add to the post after he read it certainly helped.) To date almost 2,000 people have visited the post.

Now it’s number one, so who know how many more will come. If you are one of those 2,000 readers, thank you very much for your time and the views. And if you’re reading this in Munich or New Jersey, please know that my opinion could be swayed by offering me free stuff. <SMILE>

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