May 252011

One of the tenets of running a professional services company is to follow good executives. All engagements end eventually, and sometimes it’s because the decision maker who brought Strategic in moves on. When you’ve demonstrated success working with a client,  obviously they will look to put the “band” back together when they land at their next company.

I’m enjoying such a reunion right now. This month Polycom launched Fed UC, a site dedicated to covering all aspects of unified communications (UC) in the federal government arena. My team and I at Strategic are working hand in hand with the same talented executives we worked with at TANDBERG, prior to its acquisition by Cisco last year. I’ve blogged previously about the success of that engagement, which included a #1 organic Google ranking and our site being acknowledged as best corporate blog of the year by the NVTC.

Of course every engagement is different, and social media best practices are still evolving. But the subject matter and market niche are very similar to what we did last year. So with the same well oiled machine in place, I’m anticipating great success in audience building, SEO and eventually federal sales. The site is off to a quick start already.

One more thing about previous success — it provides the confidence to push the envelope just a little bit. Check out this post that uses the coming “zombie apocalypse” to make the point on how UC supports COOP and disaster preparedness. It’s refreshing to have a client willing to use humor – to entertain as well as educate readers –  in the often conservative federal market.

And it’s so satisfying to pick up right where we left off last year.

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