Mar 232010

Last weekend was beautiful in the DC area, and a great time for a little car spring cleaning. I took the snow tires off the 530, swapped out the interior rubber mats for carpet and gave her a thorough hand washing. For the M3, I needed to wash her and then remove the lip spoiler from the trunk — I’m having the full spoiler installed soon.

The 530 performed like a champ through Snowpocalypse 2010.  The Hankook Ice Bear tires make a huge difference, but it was time for them to go back into the basement. Hollin Hall Automotive is a neighborhood garage nearby with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They save me a lot of time putting snows on and taking them off each year.  They will also be doing the mounting and balancing when we get new tires for Gabriele’s Infiniti FX35.

Snows Off

Ready for Spring

I have enjoyed the look of the lip spoiler on the M3 since 2004, but decided to make a change. An original BMW spoiler was my big Christmas present, but other priorities have delayed putting it on. That appointment has now been made, and I needed to clear the trunk for the install.

Going as usual on advice gleaned from the forums, I wet the area and hit the spoiler with liberal amounts of WD-40.  This loosened the adhesive and allowed me to gradually work the spoiler away from the trunk without damaging the clear coat. Despite this step there was still tape I had to clean carefully off the trunk after removing the lip.

I got it all off eventually, using a liquid called Goo-B-Gone. Then I clay-bared the trunk to ensure nothing was left on the paint, then gave it a fresh coat of wax.

The M3 turns 11 next month — I’ll do another birthday post on her then, and show off the full spoiler!

Now you see it…

Now you don’t

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  1. What lip spoiler did you have on the E36 M3? Mine is a sedan and i tried an E46 M3 lip spoiler but it was not quite wide enough.

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