Apr 162008

Saturday night Gabriele and I had a very enjoyable experience at Evo Bistro in Mclean. It describes itself as a “tapas and wine tasting bar” and was recommended by a friend. Here’s the Post’s take from last November:


It was clear something was up as soon as we arrived. There was an air of conviviality about the place, and there was not a table to be had at 9:30. It’s not a big place, but being busy at that hour is a good sign for a suburban restaurant.

After a few minutes we were seated, and every plate we ordered was well done. The prices are a little higher than usual for a tapas place, but the plates are also a bit larger. Before I get to the wine, let me mention the excellent Evo crepe — a spinach crepe stuffed with lump crabmeat. The Charcuterie was also very good.

Evo offers a broad selection of wines, many by the glass. That’s what we decided to do this evening (without the debit card method offered by the restaurant). We started with a 2005 Clos Pegase, Mitzuko Vineyard Pinot that had very good structure, strong but restrained fruit and a nice clean finish. After that we tried the 2005 Turkey Flat Butcher Block Shiraz, which was predictably rounder, fuller and more fruit forward with a lingering finish. Both wines went well with the various plates we ordered.

What really made the evening however was the result of total chance. Driss Zahidi, the head chef was seated right next to us entertaining a table of friends. The tables were not very far apart, and at one point he asked us how we were enjoying our evening. We said very much, and I told him we like wine, and were curious what he was having with his meal.  Before I had time to decline, he poured us a taste of the 2004 Merryvale Profile they were having with their beef and lamb. It was an impressive example of a big and powerful Californian cabernet, with a lot of body and a long finish. His generosity was striking, and even more so when he sent over a couple of glasses of Muscat for our dessert. Our creme brulee was clearly freshly made and deliciously eggy.

Suffice to say, we felt welcomed into the family by the time we left. Evo offers a unique “debit card” approach to wine tasting that we’ll try next time we’re there. If you enjoy wine, highly recommend you pay Evo Bistro a visit. 

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  1. Hi there,

    I saw your post on Karl’s blog. I thought you might like this blog entry on Inside Line’s Long-Term Road Test blog.



  2. Loren:

    Thanks for the comment and the link. The Mini Cooper isn’t my thing, but maybe the new 135 in a couple of years!

    I probably should move it to the M3 post, but since I don’t know how it’ll stay here!

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