Oct 052012
Personal Brand, or Client Business?

I read a very good article last week on TechCrunch. The author was questioning the importance some people are giving Klout scores, even in some cases using a person’s Klout score as a metric for employment. The article cites a Salesforce help wanted listing that requires a Klout score of 35 or higher. The articles […]

Mar 022011

Twice in the past six months I’ve written about examples of poor technology reporting. These posts have been popular and have garnered a decent number of comments, including some who questioned calling out reporters publicly. Well, there is plenty of bad PR out there and it’s only fair I highlight that side of the story […]

Dec 182008

It’s no secret that the economic climate has made business tougher for everyone, and the tech PR business is no exception. PR is not easy in the best of economic times, demanding equal measures of strategic counsel, tactical performance and account management. Now Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is calling out bad PR actors, claiming his […]

Jun 182008

It’s been a few days since Microsoft reportedly walked away for good from discussions with Yahoo, and the vitriol being hurled at Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang is really something to behold. There certainly are facts to back it up, but the uniformity of the conventional wisdom and the level of anger puzzles me. Some of […]