Mar 162010
Breaking Down Walls with TANDBERG

Late last year, I wrote about the success TANDBERG was having with its public sector blog from an SEO perspective. The client had a strategy, and stuck to it. We had helped them launch the blog, had attracted a large readership through the consistent publishing of quality content and were ranked #2 in organic search […]

Nov 202009
SEO -- A Success Story

How to empirically measure the value of public relations is a challenge as old as the profession itself. The rise of social media offers exciting new opportunities on this front. Last week one of my clients achieved validation of our hard work over the past few months. They now show up as the #2 organic […]

Jul 172009

Recently I participated in a very timely online conversation on the topic of quantifying the success of social media. I’ve been a member of the Ad-Marketing listserv for a long time, originally started by the Morino Institute. Thanks to Mitch Arnowitz for keeping the list alive. This is a very hot topic right now, with […]

Apr 262009
Quality Blogging -- It Aint Easy

At my firm Strategic Communications Group more and more of our client work is in the social media arena. Usually a piece of the strategy involves helping the client launch a company blog. This can be a very valuable tool for thought leadership, spurring conversation and awareness and eventually for producing leads that support revenue […]