Apr 192011
How to Address Government Data Security

Late last week I attended a federal data security event sponsored by Neustar. What impressed me about this event was the frank admission that sensitive data will be lost – the only issue is how to minimize the vulnerabilities and mitigate the inevitable losses. It was an intimate event with just two speakers. William Crowell […]

Jan 252011
The Dark Internet

I consult on communication issues for Neustar, an Internet infrastructure company. Neustar works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of many critical systems like DNS, the .us and .biz domain extensions, local number portability and digital rights management. One of the cool things about working for them is the chance to attend the […]

Dec 092010
Counting the WikiLeaks Story Lines

With every new day the WikiLeaks saga seems to reveal another story line. As the expression goes, “you can’t make this stuff up.” In the process, it’s highlighting rapidly changing — and often unstable — elements in Internet-based communication. First let’s take the emerging model of cyber attacks. People no longer just get angry at […]