Jun 072013
Latest Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins Caufield and Byers has released her latest Internet Trends Report. Meeker is a long-time technology analyst who made her name during the early years of explosive Internet growth. I wrote about her 2012 Trends report late last year. This year the presentation has grown to 117 pages. Since I doubt […]

Jan 292013
Online Privacy -- Google, the Government and You

Last week Google released its latest Transparency Report. (Official Google post here and New York Times piece here.) It documents a steady rise in government requests to Google for personally identifiable information on its users. The report also highlighted how the majority of these requests are not sanctioned by a search warrant. When I last […]

Nov 072012
Your Personal Data as Online Currency

Online privacy and how consumer data is tracked online has been a recurring theme on this site. The current Internet economic model is driven by advertising, which is targeted by tracking the online behavior of consumers. In exchange, consumers enjoy free or very low cost services and applications. I call this the quid-pro-quo of the […]

Aug 042012
What Google's Transparency Report Says About Online Trust

Recently I’ve been taking a micro look at the exchange of online tools for personal information. The example was the personal information I signed over in exchange for the mobile Twitter application TweetCaster. John Battelle took a macro look at online trust recently on his blog, and it’s a very good read. He uses the […]

May 132011
Burson and Facebook Embarrass Themselves

Previously on this blog I’ve stated that I love the B2B/B2G focus on my agency. We don’t try to sway the masses, manipulate legislation or try to rehabilitate the reputations of foreign dictators. We help our clients achieve their business objectives — sell more of their stuff/services to be blunt — using social media channels. […]