Mar 172015
Requiem for GigaOm

The technology publishing company GigaOm closed its doors last Tuesday. As a consultant working in the technology space for many years, this news really struck me. Back in the day I’d occasionally pitch GigaOm for my technology clients. You really had to know the space to have any chance, which I always respected. And way […]

Oct 272011

I saw two pieces of news today that illustrated how consumers are dictating content delivery.  The Internet continues to accelerate the move to personalized media consumption, when and where the consumer wants it. This trend has decimated the b2b magazine space, and now video usage is rapidly going mass market. In January Ziff Davis will […]

Mar 302011

Too many times when I talk social media with clients, they want to start with tactics not strategy. Facebook! Twitter! Q&A sites! The questions you should start with are — Why are you looking at social media, and what do you have to say? This is why a post early this month by Om Malik […]

Jan 072010
Genachowski Lays Out the Plan -- and the Problems

Yesterday self-professed “broadband nerd” Om Malik and Stacey Higginbotham of GigaOm hosted a revealing interview with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. It was a great opportunity to hear the Chairman in real time talk through some of the issues facing the commission as it races to prepare its national broadband plan by February. Genachowski was impressive […]