Jul 092014
How Easy Should Content Marketing Be?

There was big news in the world of content marketing last week. Content marketing software company NewsCred and content distribution company Outbrain announced a partnership. Here’s a good read on the new alliance from the New York Post. You don’t have to be an expert in content marketing to understand this move. The biggest source […]

Jul 022014
The Benefits of Content Marketing

Recently I was describing to a friend what I do for StoryTech Consulting clients, and she was very interested. She asked that I list all the benefits of a well executed content marketing strategy, for her to share with colleagues. I pulled the list together and sent it. And then I thought — “hey, that […]

Jun 182014
Living in the Age of DDoS

The Internet has never been a more dangerous place to do business, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the main reason why. That’s according to recent research published by two players in the online security space, Arbor Networks and VeriSign. Arbor Networks calls the past 18 months the “hockey stick era” for DDoS […]

May 112014
Singing the Brand Journalism Song

I’ve written frequently about brand journalism for a few years now on this site. But I’ve never written a song about it. That’s what healthcare PR and marketing firm MediaSource did recently. Agency president Lisa Arledge Powell gave a presentation on content marketing in healthcare at a PRSA event that included the “Brand Journalizer” song. […]

Apr 152014
Understanding Your Content Marketing Mix

Recently I read an excellent piece on content marketing from Jeremiah Owyang. It talks about understanding the different types of content that make up a comprehensive content marketing effort. I’ve found this kind of segmentation increasingly useful as clients become more sophisticated in their content marketing programs. Firstly, it’s helpful because despite its increasing popularity […]

Nov 062013
Rules for Effective Content Marketing

Earlier this week I read an excellent article from iMediaConnection. Author Antoine Boulin identified three sure ways to fail at so-called native advertising, messages that look more like editorial content than traditional advertising. Many hope this can become a much needed revenue stream for publishers. I’ve written about native advertising, also called sponsored content. It’s […]

Oct 252013
Content Marketing to Support Sales

Earlier this month my partner Marc Hausman spoke at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, organized by Pulse Networks. As part of his address, the conference produced a video with Marc on five tips for aligning your content marketing efforts to support sales. Marc does a great job in the video distilling principles I’ve talked […]

Aug 292013
Brand Journalism and Content Marketing

Earlier this week I caught up with an old friend Roger Hughlett. Roger and I have known each other for many years — here’s a story from 2009 about some changes he was driving as assistant managing editor at the Washington Business Journal. A lot has changed since then. Earlier this year Roger made the […]

Jul 242013
Now That's Quality Content

Every week I work with clients to produce high quality content for their online properties. It’s not easy consistently producing content that accomplishes business objectives via thought leadership rather than overt promotion. When done well, a content marketing strategy can deliver most of the benefits of a traditional PR campaign. These include brand awareness, closer […]

Jul 102013
Brilliant Content Marketing Tactics -- Where's the Sales Component?

Part of my consulting role to clients is keeping an eye on marketing trends. While doing that recently I found an excellent presentation on B2B content marketing trends produced by the UK based agency Velocity Partners. The deck outlines five trends, which the authors call “Beyonds,” showing how B2B content marketing is evolving.  Tactically these […]

May 132013
Polycom Launches the Public Sector View

Great work for great clients — that’s the fundamental philosophy at my agency. Today a great client unveiled more great work when Polycom launched The Public Sector View. We’ve got a track record of success with this client. Three years ago, the BreakDowntheWalls site we designed and executed for TANDBERG won Best Corporate Blog honors […]

Apr 172013
Content Marketing, Big and Small

Is content marketing done differently depending on organization size? That’s the focus of a new study from the Content Marketing Institute. CMI defines an as over 1,000 employees. One of the reasons this study got my attention was because that dividing line roughly describes my agency’s two main types of clients. We tend to work […]