Mar 042010

I read a good post the other day from Caroline McCarthy of CNET. The post was about market consolidation in the social aggregator space: Social-network feed aggregators–FriendFeed, Socialthing, Plaxo’s Pulse–have been part of the dizzying array of Web apps ever since it became evident that the average Internet user was using more than one of […]

Oct 272008

Some good pieces from last week worth a look and/or a bookmark. Jason Hiner and Bill Detwiler of ZDNet pick the top 10 IT products displayed at Gartner’s IT Symposium 10/13 — 10/16: Tom Lowry of BusinessWeek (link courtesy of CircleID) takes a shot at handicapping who could be CTO in a potential Obama […]

Aug 272008

If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you’ve got to find a way to monetize the huge traffic Facebook attracts, which they recently claimed has grown to 100 million active users. Advertisers want to reach this mostly young, tech literate demographic. Last week Facebook announced a new beta program that could work for some companies but not many, […]