Jan 102012
The Race to be the OS of Life

There is a battle going on now among technology companies. They all want to be the online entry point for consumers, the operating system for everything we do digitally. I’ve written previously on this topic, calling it an updated version of the old portal strategy from early Web days. I think that comparison is accurate […]

Jun 072011

Ev Ehrlich over at High Tech Forum wrote an excellent piece yesterday about some recent comments by Google’s Eric Schmidt. According to Schmidt there are four megafirms right now executing well on what he calls “platform strategies” – Google (search), Apple (gadgets/ecosystem), Amazon (online retailing) and Facebook (social connectivity). It’s a good piece, and even […]

Sep 102009
You've Got Good Content -- But How Are You Presenting It?

“Content is King” — that’s long been dogma in the publishing world, and rightly so. But the maxim also holds for any web site or blog, including b2b. Most companies have large amounts of interesting information in many formats — presentations, white papers, spreadsheets — that can make for valuable online content. However, some do […]