Nov 202012
Why Online Advertising Must Change

I don’t work in online advertising any longer. But I was present at the creation (more or less), as a very early hire of The pay-per-click, online advertising network ecosystem that company and others built almost 15 years ago needs to be replaced by something new. The creators of content, upon which everything depends, […]

Sep 302011
The Supercookie Debate

Have you heard about the supercookie? Recent articles in the press have outlined how sites including MSN and Hulu are now using an advanced version of the old cookie file to track user behavior. These supercookies are very hard to detect and delete, and can track user behavior across multiple sites, not just one. These […]

Oct 212009

Yesterday I had lunch with Roger Hughlett, assistant managing editor for the Washington Business Journal. It was past time we caught up. I first met Roger over a decade ago, when he was tech reporter for the Baltimore Biz Journal and I was with the startup that became I had been looking forward to […]

Apr 072008

How consumers are tracked online has been an issue for years. Until recently the main vehicle for this tracking has been the cookie, a small file placed on a visitor’s browser that identifies repeat visits and online activity. The latest chapter of this debate to reach critical media mass concerns Internet Service Providers (ISPs) contracting […]