Jun 262017
Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017

A few weeks ago Mary Meeker came out with her latest Internet Trends report. I’ve been writing about these for the past few years — here’s a link if you’d like background on her or the report. Some nuggets plucked out by Recode that I agree are interesting: Global smartphone growth is slowing: Smartphone shipments […]

Mar 202017
U.S. Cybersecurity Requires Deterrence

When you do content marketing for technology companies, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest IT developments and trends. This is especially true in a field like cybersecurity. Fortunately, as part of client projects I’m often able to attend conferences and trade shows that both keep me up to speed and provide the fodder […]

Feb 052017
Know Your Visitors With Better Web Analytics

When StoryTech Consulting launches a web property for a client, we’re usually told something along the lines of “we’d like to know everything visitors do when they hit our site.” That’s a very logical request. With our content marketing focus, usually the most important visitor information the client is looking for is company name, physical […]

Dec 312016
Work, Wine and Wheels New Year's Eve Triple Shot

Merry New Year! It’s been a great year at Work, Wine and Wheels, though the time demands of my consulting firm again cut down on the number of stories published. Before the clock runs out on 2016, here’s a final post touching on all three site topics. On the Work front, I’m thankful that StoryTech […]

Nov 012016
Identifying Government Decision Makers

If you market to the government market, you know what a complicated process it can be. It’s often a challenge to know exactly which government decision makers within the agency to communicate with, and to know exactly what those decision makers are looking for from a contractor partner. I recently attended a government marketing event […]

Aug 082016
Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

Last week I found an article/video on content marketing that just nailed it in multiple ways. It was a guest post on Convince and Convert by Joei Chan at Medium. The post made five predictions about content marketing trends in 2017. Joei assembled an all-star cast of content marketing influencers. She talked to Rand Fishkin, […]

Jun 062016
Mary Meeker State of the Internet Report

I’ve been writing about Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet report for a few years now on this site. Her 2016 edition was just made public. Here’s the entire slide deck courtesy of KPCB and hosted on LinkedIn. Mary has widened her scope over the years and the deck is up to 213 pages. If […]

Mar 102016
Getting the Most from Google Analytics

Analytics are a big part of all StoryTech Consulting client engagements. Specific success metrics vary by account, but every content marketing program needs data to show what content is resonating and how that content is contributing to shortening the sales cycle. My clients use many different analytic packages, but Google Analytics is often the starting […]

Feb 052016
Content Marketing Fuels Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media has democratized the concept of being an “influencer.” For businesses, this term used to mean a mainstream journalist or analyst. Those two categories are still important, but today it also means anyone who has cultivated a large following on social media and is perceived as authoritative and trustworthy. These influencers […]

Dec 292015
Giving Thanks for a Super 2015

Merry New Year to all! 2015 was an eventful year and I’ve many things to be thankful for this season. The success this past year however took time and attention away from Chrisparente.com. I needed to be focused on serving my clients and building my content marketing firm, StoryTech Consulting LLC. Working with clients almost […]

Nov 092015
Forrester Says B2B Marketing is Complicated

Last week I read an interesting post from Laura Ramos, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. Laura is Forrester’s point person for B2B marketing, and she was sharing her thoughts on how complicated what she refers to as “contextual marketing” has become for B2B companies. The biggest reason she cites is the proliferation […]

Sep 222015
Content Marketing Includes Many Different Tactics

Content marketing means different things to different clients. There are consistent threads in StoryTech Consulting content marketing campaigns — for example, understanding of the target audience, a commitment to top quality content and integration with the client’s sale process are typical elements. But there are a number of different tactics we can employ, based on […]