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I’ve been a BMW enthusiast for 15 years, but I had never joined the BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA). The main reason was I did not associate BMWCCA membership with DIY work.

A fellow owner who works out at my gym recently showed me otherwise. He told me DIY educations was the main reason he became a member of the National Capital Chapter of BMWCCA, the largest and most active chapter in the country. By attending DIY events organized by the NCC and talking with other members, he progressed to the point where he could perform maintenance like brake jobs on his cars with confidence.

Last week he invited me to see for myself. The NCC organized a DIY day at Fairfax BMW, and I stopped by. I was very impressed by the facility, but even more by the friendly and collaborative atmosphere of owners working on their BMWs. Even though I wasn’t a member, Phil the organizer offered to put my 2006 M3 on a lift for inspection after every member was done with their project. I couldn’t stay that long, but much appreciated the offer.

I signed up the next day. Additional membership benefits include a discount on parts purchased at BMW dealerships and subscription to the well-regarded Roundel magazine. Nice perks, though it’s rare I buy parts from a dealer.

My friend Dwayne told me DIY events at Fairfax aren’t typical; in fact there had never been one before at that dealership. But there are always service bays and plenty of fellow owners around to talk you through almost any maintenance operation. Neither of my M cars needs anything major right now (thankfully), but when they do I’ll be better prepared with my BMWCCA membership.


NCC DIY in action

NCC DIY in action

Paul's E92 M3 gets a brake flush

Paul’s E92 M3 gets a brake flush

Chris's 318ti California package, with canvas sunroof

Chris’s 318ti California package, with canvas sunroof




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