Oct 132014
Rainy Morning Goodbye

Rainy Morning Goodbye

A personal era closed out this past weekend. After almost 11 years of ownership, I sold my 1999 BMW E36 M3.

It only has 62,500 miles, and is in pristine condition. Not only was it in great shape with loads of preventative maintenance, but over the years I made incremental¬† improvements — performance software, exhaust, cold air intake, better BMW CD radio, spoiler, stamped style 24 wheels (a $1,500 option when new), upgraded Hella elliptical headlights and a bunch of smaller touches.

Of course I did a private party sale — here’s a link to my listing in M3Forum. Prices for well maintained M cars have risen over the past few years, and I was happy to get close to my asking price. New owner Andrew seems like a budding enthusiast, and as a bonus lives in Alexandria. So I’m hoping we’ll stay in touch.

BMW doesn’t make cars like this anymore — I still feel the same way I did when I wrote this piece back in 2008. The car made me a BMW enthusiast, albeit one who prefers older models to the cars BMW is making today.

I had occasionally thought of purchasing an E46 M3, also a fantastic car. But I wasn’t in the market for one, and doubted I’d ever find one in the exact condition, color and trim that I wanted.

Through total serendipity I did find it. I’ll write about that new addition soon.



  2 Responses to “Selling My BMW E36 M3”

  1. Hi, loved your letter.I too became a fanatical enthusiast after buying two e39 m5. keep up the good work..Rolf

  2. Hate to say it. But you will be back. The e46 is beautiful and fast, but you will find your way back to an e36 eventually for the intangibles. I’ve owned both and mistakenly sold the e36. Then came back years later. Enjoy your journey.

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