Oct 252012

My latest WashingtonExec Wine and Dine column published today. The topic this month is the 2009 Bordeaux vintage, and the strong values delivered by the so-called petit chateaux.

These are thousands of small vineyards that can produce very high quality Bordeaux, without the stratospheric prices of the more famous Bordeaux appellations. I review three 2009 Bordeaux in the column, pictured above:

2009 Chateau de L’Estang, Cotes de Castillon, $14

2009 Chateau Thieuley, $12

2009 Chateau Caronne St. Gemme, Haut-Medoc, $17

These are quality wines at amazingly low prices, available at Calvert-Woodley in Washington, DC. If you’ve doubted at times the existence of a good Bordeaux around $20, give one of these a try. And if you do, drop me a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Great to see some petit chateaux being championed Chris – you are quite right to point out that these smaller properties are producing some super wines at extremely good value. These little estates have benefited from the big improvement in wine making techniques available to Bordeaux over the years as well as generations of family expertise in traditional wine making.

    The Cotes de Castillon in particular are making some excellent clarets – there are some real gems in the lesser known appellations of Bordeaux that quickly get snapped up by French wine lovers and subsequently are not seen much outside the country.

    I am familiar with Chateau Caronne St. Gemme, it’s a wine that is starting to gain the attention it deserves. I wil look out for your other two recommendations – Chateau de L’Estang and Chateau Thieule as I have not come across these before. I am looking forwards to sampling them!



  2. Hey Chris,

    Though I’ve found it late, this post completely turned me on to the 2009 petit chateau Bordeaux. I am a big Bordeaux lover, but usually though of its greats as reserved for special occasions. Not so, apparently. I’ve been trying and enjoying a number of $15-25 lesser known Bordeaux and really enjoying them.

    One that I recently tried and loved was the Chateau Tour Bayard from Montagne St. Emilion. Lacking the real estate of St Emilion proper, this one came in at $23 at Red, White and Bleu in Falls Church. This wine has been a huge find for me, it drinks well right after uncorking and competes well above its price point. I would never have gone into the store looking for something like it without your insight on the 2009 Bordeaux, so thank you.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I am so glad I found your blog. I live and work in DC, and I shop at CW!

    Funny – I have all three wines, pictured above, in my wine fridge! Here’s my question: Are the 2009 Petite Chateaux, such as those shown above, at thier peak, still maturing or past their prime?



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