Apr 212011

Last weekend Gabriele took me to Brabo’s Tasting Room in Old Town to celebrate my birthday. The Brabo restaurant next door didn’t have any tables available, and my friend and fellow wine lover Anglea told me she had a good time at the Tasting room.

The room had a great vibe when we walked in — bright, lively but not crazy loud or frantic. The only seats available right away were at the bar, and we took them. Sometimes we hesitate to sit at the bar, because at many places the level of service can take a dive. Here our bartender was a pro and delivered consistently excellent service throughout the meal.

True to it’s name Brabo offers “tastes” as well as full glasses of wine. So you can try lots of different wines without too much damage to your wallet, though there are no steals on the list.

So that’s just what we did. Here’s what we had:

The fare at the Tasting room is on the lighter side, and we enjoyed everything we ordered. The mussels were fantastic — large with just the right texture and flavor. Something called a “napatizer” is a mix of savory spreads with excellent flatbread, delicious and a little different. And Gabriele had french onion soup which she declared some of the best she’s ever had anywhere.

Of the wines we tried, I can only give the Summers an unqualified recommendation. Yet the food, the service and the ambiance carried the evening for us. So check out Brabo next time you’re in Old Town.

  2 Responses to “Putting Brabo to the Taste Test”

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I was actually there last night and spoke to the sommelier who was very helpful and knowledgeable


  2. Sounds like a great place .. thanks for the review. But I was disheartened to see that you did not recommend the Ridge Zin which is one of my personal favorites. I’ll have to buy you a glass and see if I can’t twist your arm into a modified review.

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