Apr 302013
Deciphering the Wines of Tuscany

My latest Wine and Dine column published today in WashingtonExec. I take a shot at deciphering Italian wine by explaining Italian classifications. The piece also shares my review of some good Tuscan wine sampled at a Grape and Bean tasting event in Alexandria this past weekend. In the piece I share my notes on two […]

Oct 252012
Talking 2009 Petit Chateaux Bordeaux

My latest WashingtonExec Wine and Dine column published today. The topic this month is the 2009 Bordeaux vintage, and the strong values delivered by the so-called petit chateaux. These are thousands of small vineyards that can produce very high quality Bordeaux, without the stratospheric prices of the more famous Bordeaux appellations. I review three 2009 […]

Jun 212012
Half Price Wine Nights Work for Everyone

WINE & DINE COLUMN My latest wine column published today on WashingtonExec. The Washington DC area has a number of choices if you’re eating out early in the week. Half price wine nights are a win-win. Restaurants pull in more business on slower weekday nights, and customers can go for a bottle of wine at […]

May 242012
Sonoma a Great Vacation Spot to Unwined

WINE & DINE COLUMN My latest Wine and Dine column in live over at WashingtonExec. Gabriele and I recently got back from a very enjoyable getaway featuring perfect weather and beautiful vineyards. My WashingtonExec piece tries to provide general tips for visiting Sonoma. I’ll be reviewing some of the specific wines we enjoyed in subsequent […]

Apr 242012
Palena Delivers Top Drawer Experience

WINE & DINE COLUMN My latest Wine and Dine column was published yesterday on WashingtonExec. I review Palena, which remains one of the best places in greater DC for a meal. We also had a very good new Pinot Noir, the 2009 Cameron Reserve Dundee Hills.