Oct 132013
The Challenges of the Hybrid Marketer

The role of marketing has changed dramatically over the past five years. That was the message loud and clear when my agency organized a roundtable discussion on the challenges faced by our clients. We spoke with senior level marketers from 3Pillar Global, Mandient, Blue Coat Systems and the Immix Group. The term hybrid marketer was […]

Oct 122012
What Thinking Like a Publisher Looks Like

In previous articles on this site I’ve talked about counseling clients on adopting a publishing mindset. For a content marketing program to succeed, the company or organization must approach the engagement just like a trade magazine. Quality content needs to be presented in ways that appeal to the target audience(s), and must be presented in […]

Nov 202009
SEO -- A Success Story

How to empirically measure the value of public relations is a challenge as old as the profession itself. The rise of social media offers exciting new opportunities on this front. Last week one of my clients achieved validation of our hard work over the past few months. They now show up as the #2 organic […]

Jun 142009

As I wrote about recently, my firm Strategic Communications Group has helped a lot of clients implement their social media strategies. Many times, this includes the launch of a company blog. But for a blog to contribute to the business goals of the company, it needs to build up traffic fairly rapidly. “Build it and […]

Apr 262009
Quality Blogging -- It Aint Easy

At my firm Strategic Communications Group more and more of our client work is in the social media arena. Usually a piece of the strategy involves helping the client launch a company blog. This can be a very valuable tool for thought leadership, spurring conversation and awareness and eventually for producing leads that support revenue […]

Jun 092008

I was interested to read a few days ago that Verizon plans to discontinue its branded social community and move it over to Facebook. Their Facebook page has over 18,000 “fans”: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2008/06/04/verizon-moving-its-branded-social-network-to-a-facebook-page/ Of course it’s very smart of Verizon to particpate in social networks — Strategic Communications Group has its own page, and we regularly […]