Nov 062013
Rules for Effective Content Marketing

Earlier this week I read an excellent article from iMediaConnection. Author Antoine Boulin identified three sure ways to fail at so-called native advertising, messages that look more like editorial content than traditional advertising. Many hope this can become a much needed revenue stream for publishers. I’ve written about native advertising, also called sponsored content. It’s […]

Aug 042013
Edelman Opines on Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a major and often controversial trend in online publishing. Traditional revenue streams have been greatly reduced, and publishers are looking for ways to make publishing make money online. Last month the PR firm Edelman published a study and some suggested guidelines for sponsored content. Sponsored content differs from content marketing, which is […]

Mar 042012

I’ve written previously about content marketing strategies and how they differ from traditional PR efforts. Two big differences are that you totally control the message and you can directly target self-identified audiences via social media channels. Companies in the B2B and B2G markets can often achieve their marketing objectives without going through the media filter. […]

Dec 272011

2011 is almost in the books, and it delivered plenty of good material for Work, Wine and Wheels. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, including an increased number of readers. Here’s a look back at some content that proved popular with them. For Work posts, I tried to discuss important trends in technology communications. […]

May 202011

Recently I’ve seen an increase in discussion around companies and organizations producing their own content. I’m not talking about marketing collateral, but true editorial content that educates and entertains. Some call this sponsored content, curated content, or content marketing. In the end it’s the same thing — producing your own “news” and sharing directly with […]