Jul 222015
A Conversation with Simply Measured

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my clients are running social media advertising campaigns. Major platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have limited the effectiveness of organic sharing and promotion, making changes clearly intended to steer companies towards paying for reach and exposure. Typically when money is spent companies want to see reporting that […]

Oct 022013
Everyone Needs to Get Social, Not Just Marketing

I saw an interesting story in Fortune this week with the catchy title “The Social Media Manager is Dead – Long Live Social Media.” Citing a number of other sources, the article argues that social media is spreading into all areas of the corporation, making the consolidation of social media responsibility in one person redundant […]

Oct 052012
Personal Brand, or Client Business?

I read a very good article last week on TechCrunch. The author was questioning the importance some people are giving Klout scores, even in some cases using a person’s Klout score as a metric for employment. The article cites a Salesforce help wanted listing that requires a Klout score of 35 or higher. The articles […]

Feb 152012

I came across a very funny video today in the Social Media in Organizations LinkedIn group. It lampoons the jargon and the attitude of the social media “guru.” It comes across as an exaggeration, but is it? Besides the obsession with being online and not in the moment, what really struck me was the comment […]

Jan 242012

Last week I came across a new survey on corporate social media adoption. It was published by SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. To my read it contained both encouraging and sobering statistics on how companies are trying to incorporate social media into their operations. The survey universe was a randomized sampling of 532 […]

Dec 272011

2011 is almost in the books, and it delivered plenty of good material for Work, Wine and Wheels. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, including an increased number of readers. Here’s a look back at some content that proved popular with them. For Work posts, I tried to discuss important trends in technology communications. […]

Jun 102011
Not Appreciating PR -- Is It the Client, or Us?

I get a lot of value from discussions on LinkedIn. Right now there is a very active thread in the PR Professionals group about “what do you say to a client who doesn’t see the ROI from PR.” This discussion has hit a nerve, and it has received 78 comments. Here’s the link, but unlike […]

Jan 212011
Primed for a New Perspective

Recently I caught up with my old friend Stephanie. Too much time had gone by, and we shared belated New Year wishes. What made the conversation even more enjoyable was how psyched she was at her new job. Her passion has always been change management, and she practiced it first at Accenture and then at […]

Sep 242010
Can Social Media Uncover Scandals?

I’m a big believer in social media, both for personal use and as a channel for achieving business objectives. I’ll admit to rejoicing that my clients don’t always need to go through the “media filter” to get their message across anymore. And like many others, I despair at the declining quality of media coverage. BUT […]

Aug 032010
Credit Unions Go on the Offensive with WhatsInItForMe.org

Usually in this blog I talk about issues relating to Strategic clients. Since we’re now running campaigns for brands like Microsoft, BT, Monster, EMC and Cisco there is usually something interesting I can share from a client campaign. But today I’m writing about a consumer campaign designed to raise the profile of credit unions in […]