Feb 162015
Pinot Noir for a Healthy Lifestyle

A fantastic source for information on Pinot Noir is The Prince of Pinot, published by retired physician William “Rusty” Gaffney. Since retiring from his practice in 2001, Dr. Gaffney has written the PinotFile, an online newsletter exclusively devoted to Pinot Noir. As a retired doctor, Gaffney has long been interested in research attempting to document […]

Mar 202013
Wine Dinners -- Good Times and Good Value

My March Wine and Dine column published today in WashingtonExec magazine. My focus this month is wine dinners, and in particular one we attended that featured the wines of Holloran Vineyards. The dinner was held at the Del Ray Cafe in Alexandria, and put together by Bill Holloran and Jane Cahill, an ex-neighbor and former […]

Aug 072012
Excellent Pinot Noir for Summer

With DC firmly in the grip of the dog days of summer, Pinot Noir is often a good bet for red wine drinkers. It’s lighter in body and style than other reds, which can be perfect when the mercury rises. Gabriele and I have had some excellent Pinots this summer that were new for us, […]

Sep 222008

Gabriele and I recently had an excellent dinner at the Majestic, in the heart of Old Town. Last year Cathal Armstrong and his wife Mechelle took over the Majestic, along with a few other partners that include former Governor Mark Warner. The long time landmark delivers good food, strong service and a fun vibe: http://www.majesticcafe.com/maj_new.html […]

Aug 242008

Most of us enjoy expensive wines for special occasions, but most of us have mortgages as well. My wife Gabriele and I are always on the look out for wines that deliver value as well as enjoyment. This weekend we found two such wines. Saturday we had dinner at Rustico, one of the restaurants of […]

Jun 152008

Lately Gabriele and I have been impressed with some wine from Courtney Benham, part of the the Martin Ray family of wines. http://www.martinraywinery.com/about/index.html Recently we’ve had the 2006 Mendocino County Petite Syrah and Pinot Noir. Both are good wines at very good price points — $11.99 and $15.99, respectively. The Petite Syrah was surprisingly light […]

Mar 052008

This past Saturday I attended the DC International Wine and Food Festival, held at the Ronald Reagan building. It was a last minute game time decision — I was getting over a nasty head cold. The event was packed, and I was not at 100%. So the following are some high points, not in any way […]