Feb 142014
Content Marketing for Public Affairs

Most of my clients engage in content marketing efforts designed to increase revenue. Over the past five years we’ve established a proven methodology for making that happen. But increased sales is not the only outcome content marketing can support. Content marketing engagements can also pursue public affairs goals. A good example is a campaign being […]

Apr 192011
How to Address Government Data Security

Late last week I attended a federal data security event sponsored by Neustar. What impressed me about this event was the frank admission that sensitive data will be lost – the only issue is how to minimize the vulnerabilities and mitigate the inevitable losses. It was an intimate event with just two speakers. William Crowell […]

Aug 172010

This past Friday a story ran that reminded me how massive media layoffs have affected the quality of news coverage. It doesn’t matter sometimes how good the reporter is — he or she is stretched so thin that stories get printed that wouldn’t have just a few years ago. Background – On Friday USA Today […]

Aug 112009
Take the Time to Talk -- It's Good for the Bottom Line

Managing social media campaigns at Strategic, I’m struck by how many times clients don’t prioritize conversations that come up as a result of their social media outreach. After all, it is called “social” media for a reason. If you’re producing quality content and presenting it in the appropriate online communities, conversation will ensue. Yet account […]

Jun 222009

Last July I wrote about a serious security flaw in the domain name system (DNS). It was discovered by researcher Dan Kaminsky and got a lot of coverage: It’s Tuesday — Must be Time to Fix DNS There was two parts to the DNS vulnerability that quickly became known as the Kaminsky flaw. One was […]