Oct 212010
Social Media and the Rule of Three

Describing concepts in three parts is a popular and effective communication tool. A term like social media can mean different things in different environments, so breaking it down into three steps is a good idea. Last week Government Computer News ran an interesting story quoting Mark Drapeau, a well known authority on Government 2.0 now […]

May 132010
Social Media Value Prop Getting Awfully Generic

Todd Defren’s PR Squared blog is usually a good read, and a couple of days ago he wrote a particularly interesting post. He talked about how every agency is jumping on the social media bandwagon, and the way they describe their social media quals are sounding awfully similar. He compared his own description against those […]

Oct 232008

The Social Media Club of DC had a meeting dedicated to Government 2.0 Wednesday night. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but my Strategic Communications Group colleague Bill Murray was there. Bill wrote up his thoughts, and I’m happy to post them here. Bill is very experienced in the b2g field, having formerly worked as […]

Oct 072008

Last week I took part in a fascinating discussion around Government 2.0, i.e. the use of Web 2.0 tools by government agencies. I connected my client Scott Burns of GovDelivery with Mark Drapeau, who has made a name for himself locally by blogging on Government 2.0 on Mashable. Mark is an Associate Research Fellow at […]