Oct 252013
Content Marketing to Support Sales

Earlier this month my partner Marc Hausman spoke at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, organized by Pulse Networks. As part of his address, the conference produced a video with Marc on five tips for aligning your content marketing efforts to support sales. Marc does a great job in the video distilling principles I’ve talked […]

Aug 172012
Social Media Done Right is Quality Over Quantity

My partner Marc Hausman wrote an excellent column last week for the Washington Business Journal. In it he introduces a concept we’ve been stressing to clients and prospects — lead introduction vs. lead generation. What’s the difference? Really it comes down to numbers. Our B2B and B2G clients are usually selling a specialized and relatively […]

Aug 042011
Does 'Branded Journalism' Work?

I wrote earlier this year about the move towards sponsored content, also known branded journalism or content marketing. Whatever  you call it, it’s a powerful concept. Companies publish interesting and informative content to cultivate an audience and connect with influencers, all without going through the media filter. That’s the strategy, but does it really work? […]

Oct 212010
Social Media and the Rule of Three

Describing concepts in three parts is a popular and effective communication tool. A term like social media can mean different things in different environments, so breaking it down into three steps is a good idea. Last week Government Computer News ran an interesting story quoting Mark Drapeau, a well known authority on Government 2.0 now […]

May 242010
Keeping It Real -- Seth Goldman and Honest Tea

Seth Goldman of Honest Tea spoke at the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) National Capital breakfast last Friday. He gave an extremely engaging address about the continuing success of his company, and the ways they work hard to stay true to their beliefs, especially after the Coca-Cola company purchased a 40% stake in 2008.  My […]