Sep 022014
BMW Enthusiast Interview with Paul Valliere -- Part One

Today I’m publishing part one of my interview with Paul Valliere. Paul is a long-time BMW enthusiast who owns three classic BMW M cars, one of them being the Euro-spec E36 M3 pictured above. Only 45 of these vehicles were imported to North America in 1994, and Paul has the official number one. Bimmer magazine […]

Apr 222012
M3 Birthday Present

My 1999 M3 turns 13 this April, one of the last E36 M3 coupes produced. I usually publish a post in April to acknowledge the birthday, starting with this one in 2008. It’s description of how I feel about the car is still accurate today. This year, I decided the car needed new wheels. Last […]

May 312011
E36 M3 Appreciation - 12 Years and Counting

My E36 M3 turned 12 in April, and is going as strong as ever. It was a busy month on the car front for me, with me purchasing a beautiful 2002 M5 and putting my 2001 530 on the market. Neither of those things lessen my appreciation of the M3, however. In the past I’ve […]

Dec 142010
Thoughts on the Upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupe

BMW M — that’s a term that means a lot to auto enthusiasts. It’s a term that connotes a car that is the epitome of its class, the absolute sporting pinnacle of that particular style of car. Ever since BMW put the twin turbo, 300HP N54 engine in it’s 1 Series car, there was speculation […]

Dec 062009
Newer Model Review -- BMW 335i

It’s past time for another wheel post, but (thankfully) neither the M3 or the 530 have given me much to write about lately. So I called up my good friend Rich this weekend to meet up and take a look at the black 2007 335i he purchased back in May with about 40,000 miles and […]

Apr 022008
Happy Birthday M3

This month my M3 turns nine. It was built in April 1999, one of the last E36 M3s (BMW speak for the 3 series body style from 1992-1999) ever built. The design of the M3 version goes back to 1994, yet it’s still more fun to drive than 99% of the cars out there today. […]