Oct 052012
Personal Brand, or Client Business?

I read a very good article last week on TechCrunch. The author was questioning the importance some people are giving Klout scores, even in some cases using a person’s Klout score as a metric for employment. The article cites a Salesforce help wanted listing that requires a Klout score of 35 or higher. The articles […]

Dec 022011
How Much Can You Automate Influencer Tracking?

If you’re in any type of communications role, you know every vertical has influencers. How to automate finding them, scoring them and cultivating them is a rapidly expanding cottage market within the broader social media marketing space. Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com has brought his formidable promotion skills to this space. Salesforce acquired social media monitoring […]

Jun 302011
No Need for ROI? Where Do I Sign?

I’m a regular reader of Fast Company, and find it useful in keeping up with current business trends. Often the tools and trends I read about aren’t immediately applicable to the B2B and B2G worlds my agency lives in, but it’s good to keep an eye out. Last week I read a story that definitely […]