Jan 132013
2013 Predictions in Technology

Last week John Battelle published his 2013 predictions in technology. He’s been doing it for a decade, and even when he’s off the mark the predictions are thought-provoking. Plus he’s honest in grading himself. In 2012 he claims a score of 7 right, 5 wrong with two pushes.  This year is another great crop, looking […]

Nov 202012
Why Online Advertising Must Change

I don’t work in online advertising any longer. But I was present at the creation (more or less), as a very early hire of Advertising.com. The pay-per-click, online advertising network ecosystem that company and others built almost 15 years ago needs to be replaced by something new. The creators of content, upon which everything depends, […]

Aug 172012
Social Media Done Right is Quality Over Quantity

My partner Marc Hausman wrote an excellent column last week for the Washington Business Journal. In it he introduces a concept we’ve been stressing to clients and prospects — lead introduction vs. lead generation. What’s the difference? Really it comes down to numbers. Our B2B and B2G clients are usually selling a specialized and relatively […]

Aug 042012
What Google's Transparency Report Says About Online Trust

Recently I’ve been taking a micro look at the exchange of online tools for personal information. The example was the personal information I signed over in exchange for the mobile Twitter application TweetCaster. John Battelle took a macro look at online trust recently on his blog, and it’s a very good read. He uses the […]

Jan 102012
The Race to be the OS of Life

There is a battle going on now among technology companies. They all want to be the online entry point for consumers, the operating system for everything we do digitally. I’ve written previously on this topic, calling it an updated version of the old portal strategy from early Web days. I think that comparison is accurate […]

Dec 132011
Why the Web is More Concept Than Protocol

John Battelle wrote an excellent piece today. George Colony of Forrester grabbed some headlines by explaining how the Web is dead, and being  replaced by a hybrid of applications linked by the Internet. Battelle lays out how what most people mean by the Web is made up of principles, not protocols. How the online world […]