Oct 212010
Social Media and the Rule of Three

Describing concepts in three parts is a popular and effective communication tool. A term like social media can mean different things in different environments, so breaking it down into three steps is a good idea. Last week Government Computer News ran an interesting story quoting Mark Drapeau, a well known authority on Government 2.0 now […]

Dec 102008
GovTwit a Big Hit

More and more people in and around government are using the social media platform Twitter. Twitter allows users to create a community of interest and shared information via “tweets” of 140 characters or less. Government users have created a vibrant and active community using Twitter daily to talk to one another and share government best […]

Nov 262008
Government 2.0 Goes Mainstream -- Are We Ready?

(Slightly Orwellian image courtesy of Newsweek) I’ve read Newsweek magazine since childhood. In today’s environment of ever more immediate and narrowly focused media channels, a weekly magazine cannot go very deeply into issues. But the magazine is still a useful read on the zeitgeist of the moment. So I took note when Daniel Lyons and […]

Nov 202008
SRO Crowd at Public Communication Roundtable

This morning I attended a packed Public Communication event put on by the Federal Consulting Group and GovDelivery. Over 120 government PA Officers and IT and Web Managers came to hear how agencies are using new digital channels and automated email alerts to better share their content with the public. We heard from a panel […]

Oct 312008

Earlier this week I brokered a conversation between two people I knew would hit it off. Pam Broviak is an online publisher, Director of Public Works for LaSalle, Illinois and a leading thinker about Government 2.0 at the local level. She put together a few months ago a group called MuniGov 2.0, which already boasts […]

Oct 232008

The Social Media Club of DC had a meeting dedicated to Government 2.0 Wednesday night. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but my Strategic Communications Group colleague Bill Murray was there. Bill wrote up his thoughts, and I’m happy to post them here. Bill is very experienced in the b2g field, having formerly worked as […]

Jan 282008

Stephen Barr of the Washington Post has a very interesting Federal Diary story today. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has embraced the Wikipedia model and used their own Wiki to quickly catalogue 13,496 budgetary earmarks. The process took 10 weeks, as opposed to the usual 6 months. It currently has 5,500 members and […]