Aug 222009

The past couple of weeks has seen some bad news regarding expanding broadband in this country. Major carriers have washed their hands of the stimulus plan and its funds. Qwest, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast say they will not be participating due to requirements that come with the funds. Sean Buckley of Fierce Telecom has a […]

Jul 232009
National Broadband Update -- the Path Starts to Unfold

This month the country took the first steps down a very important road – the expansion of broadband access to all Americans. Included in the Obama Administration’s $787 billion stimulus package is $7.2 billion for grants and loans designed to expand broadband access in the United States. For the first time our government has, in […]

Mar 202008
Telecom Industry Asks -- Can We Get Real About Broadband?

Today Strategic client Tellabs released some interesting survey data. Tellabs used the subscription lists of leading trade publications to ask telecom professionals about broadband — what the definition of broadband should be, and the state of availability in the United States. Over 450 respondents shared some very strong opinions on this important issue. There are […]

Jan 312008

Brian Dolan over at FierceWireless wrote a very interesting editorial today. Now I can get as tired as the next guy with the media’s preoccupation with the big G. But I think Brian is on to something. He posits that rather than actually wanting to win any of the spectrum in the FCC auction, Google is […]