Jan 102012
The Race to be the OS of Life

There is a battle going on now among technology companies. They all want to be the online entry point for consumers, the operating system for everything we do digitally. I’ve written previously on this topic, calling it an updated version of the old portal strategy from early Web days. I think that comparison is accurate […]

Jun 072011

Ev Ehrlich over at High Tech Forum wrote an excellent piece yesterday about some recent comments by Google’s Eric Schmidt. According to Schmidt there are four megafirms right now executing well on what he calls “platform strategies” – Google (search), Apple (gadgets/ecosystem), Amazon (online retailing) and Facebook (social connectivity). It’s a good piece, and even […]

May 132011
Burson and Facebook Embarrass Themselves

Previously on this blog I’ve stated that I love the B2B/B2G focus on my agency. We don’t try to sway the masses, manipulate legislation or try to rehabilitate the reputations of foreign dictators. We help our clients achieve their business objectives — sell more of their stuff/services to be blunt — using social media channels. […]

Oct 152008

Today I paid for an item online using PayPal, which would not usually be a blog worthy activity. But this time it was a frustrating experience, due to a recent (apparently) change PayPal has made in the process. In the past I’ve enjoyed using PayPal, and always chose to use a credit card. This way […]

Aug 272008

If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you’ve got to find a way to monetize the huge traffic Facebook attracts, which they recently claimed has grown to 100 million active users. Advertisers want to reach this mostly young, tech literate demographic. Last week Facebook announced a new beta program that could work for some companies but not many, […]

Aug 182008

I read a Peter Whoriskey Washington Post article on web radio provider Pandora this weekend that had me shaking my head. The company has over one million users and is one of the most popular iPhone applications, but it may have to cease operations: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/15/AR2008081503367.html Pandora founder Tim Westergren admits the company isn’t making money, […]

Jun 092008

I was interested to read a few days ago that Verizon plans to discontinue its branded social community and move it over to Facebook. Their Facebook page has over 18,000 “fans”: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2008/06/04/verizon-moving-its-branded-social-network-to-a-facebook-page/ Of course it’s very smart of Verizon to particpate in social networks — Strategic Communications Group has its own page, and we regularly […]