Nov 302015
S54 O2 Sensors -- Deciding Not to DIY

Recently my 2006 E46 M3 started throwing a code signifying a problem with one of the oxygen sensors in front of the catalytic converter (pre-cat). The S54 engine in the E46 M3 has four oxygen sensors, two in front of the catalytic converter and two behind. Initially I thought this was a chance for a […]

Sep 082015
E39 M5 Fall Checkup

This Labor Day weekend I devoted some time to my 2002 E39 M5. I changed the oil, the cabin air filters and I gave the car a general checkup. I’m fortunate to have access to a lift, and took advantage of that to inspect the suspension and other areas under the car. Bavarian Auto has […]

Aug 062014
Rear Corner Sunshade Repair on an E39 M5

This past weekend I repaired a small but annoying issue on my 2002 BMW M5. The rear corner sunshade on the driver side had cracked and lost all tension, leaving the shade flopping loose. Not the most serious of issues that could crop up on this car by a long shot. But it looked sloppy […]

Jun 252014
E39 M5 Summer Checkup

This past weekend I gave my 2002 E39 M5 a thorough inspection. I also changed the oil and swapped the tires side to side to even out the wear. All the fluids were changed last year, so I knew I was in good shape on that front. I’ve now owned the car for over three […]

Jan 052014
Performance Software for BMWs

With the holidays now behind us, I had a chance this weekend to install a really fun Christmas gift. My wife gave me the Shark Injector performance software for my 2002 BMW E39 M5. (OK, there was some coaching). The software was created by Jim Conforti, a well known and respected name who has been […]

Jul 302013
E39 M5 Wheel Damage

Last Saturday I was feeling particularly good about my 2002 M5. Over the past few weeks every fluid (minus power steering) has been refreshed  on the car. Brake, coolant, oil, transmission and differential fluids have all been replaced. I had just removed an old and faded clear bra from the car the week before. Then a […]

Jul 142013
E39 M5 Northern Virginia Owners Redux

Recently I got together with a group of local E39 M5 owners in Fairfax, Virginia. I’ve gotten to know most of them in online forums, and this was a repeat of a meet we had back in late 2011. One of the best things about owning a BMW is connecting with fellow enthusiast owners. Everyone […]

Jul 032013
Differential Oil Change on the E39 M5

Over the weekend I did an oil change on my E39 M5, and I also changed the differential oil. This is an important and often overlooked fluid change. The E39 M5 differential is a limited slip differential, allowing for different amounts of power to be directed to the wheels based on driving conditions. The car […]

May 162013
Beltway Blowout -- The M5 Gets a Flat Tire

Earlier this week my E39 M5 had a flat tire, driver side rear. This happened to me while I was traveling on the Washington Beltway, heading north 95/east 495 going from Tysons to Alexandria. The loss of air pressure was very quick, and I pulled off onto a narrow shoulder area as quickly as I […]

Mar 172013
Solving BMW Vibration on My E39 M5

This week I solved a problem with my E39 M5 having a vibration at highway speeds. At 70 mph there was a vibration that seemed to come from directly beneath the car. It was not coming from the steering wheel, and was not connected to accelerating or braking. BMW suspensions have a reputation for being […]

Aug 282012
Good Times at BimmerFest East 2012

This weekend was BimmerFest East, a huge meetup of BMW owners organized and sponsored by Turner Motorsports. These events have been going on for a few years on the west coast, and came east for the first time last year. Like last year, it was held at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD. I caravaned up […]

Jul 092012
Sway Bar Link Replacement on the E39 M5

This weekend I replaced the sway bar links on my E39 M5. This is a well known issue with the M5, the links can break over time. Since I was replacing one, I went ahead and replaced both the left and right side links and the rubber bushings inside them. Sway bars reduce body roll […]