Dec 302017
An Amazing Ten Years

January will mark the 10 year anniversary of Work, Wine and Wheels. Publishing content online over the past decade has allowed me to learn while doing, giving me first-hand experiences that have made me a better content marketer. There is a big difference between intellectually understanding something versus experiencing it for yourself. Ten years ago […]

Feb 052017
Know Your Visitors With Better Web Analytics

When StoryTech Consulting launches a web property for a client, we’re usually told something along the lines of “we’d like to know everything visitors do when they hit our site.” That’s a very logical request. With our content marketing focus, usually the most important visitor information the client is looking for is company name, physical […]

Nov 092015
Forrester Says B2B Marketing is Complicated

Last week I read an interesting post from Laura Ramos, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. Laura is Forrester’s point person for B2B marketing, and she was sharing her thoughts on how complicated what she refers to as “contextual marketing” has become for B2B companies. The biggest reason she cites is the proliferation […]

Sep 222015
Content Marketing Includes Many Different Tactics

Content marketing means different things to different clients. There are consistent threads in StoryTech Consulting content marketing campaigns — for example, understanding of the target audience, a commitment to top quality content and integration with the client’s sale process are typical elements. But there are a number of different tactics we can employ, based on […]

Apr 242015
Stop Talking About Yourself When Marketing

Does you company know the kind of information prospects want to receive from you? According to a survey released last month by research firm Market Connections, many government contractors talk about themselves rather than share information government buyers are seeking. Titled the Federal Content Marketing Review 2015, the report is a good read and available […]

Feb 232015
The Placed Byline -- Earned or Owned Content?

When putting a marketing effort together, it’s important to understand how various types of content contribute to the overall campaign. I’ve written previously about the PESO acronym for content types — Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned. This way of looking at content makes it easier to distinguish the different types and how they complement each […]

Feb 072015
The Principles of Quality Content Marketing

Here’s one of the best, most succinct videos I’ve seen defining quality content marketing. It was done by a former client of mine, George Stenitzer. A few years back Tellabs, a manufacturer of telecom and optical networking equipment based near Chicago was a major client of mine. I have telecom experience so I enjoyed the […]

Jan 192015
Embracing Continual Learning

To be an effective marketing consultant today, you have to embrace continual learning. That’s something that is easy to say, but hard to do. It’s hard to follow through on for two main reasons — human nature and time. We all say we will pursue continual learning, but human nature prefers to focus time and […]

Nov 212014
Creating Better Content

Last week I registered for a webinar featuring Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and best-selling author. The presentation was a distillation of her new book Everybody Writes. An unexpected client issue prevented me from attending the webinar, but thankfully Ann (and Marketo) sent the presentation to us no-shows. I’ve known Ann a long time. […]

Sep 262014
Content Marketing Interview with Carrie Majewski of Content Boost

Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Carrie Majewski, Director of Content Marketing for Content Boost. In the Q&A below, we discuss what clients are looking for from content marketing and Carrie’s thoughts on how content marketing is evolving. Carrie also attended the recent Content Marketing World conference and shares some of her takeaways […]

Aug 222014
How to Organize a Content Marketing Effort

More and more companies I talk to understand they need to adopt content marketing principles. What isn’t nearly as clear for most of them is exactly how to organize their efforts, and plan for how it will change their current marketing structure. The energetic folks at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently published a report […]

Jul 242014
Making Your Client an Influencer

For most StoryTech Consulting clients, the objective of their content marketing campaign is revenue growth. This is achieved through using the content to enable key account management and prospect nurturing. That said, as I’ve written previously a well executed content marketing program delivers a number of other important marketing benefits. A powerful validation of this […]