Oct 172012
Do Not Track - Time to Level With Consumers

Do Not Track rules for online advertising appear increasingly likely, and the heat is rising. The New York Times ran a thorough story over the weekend detailing what it describes as industry moves to thwart consumer opt-out of online tracking. Industry groups like the Association of National Advertisers, Internet Advertising Bureau and the Direct Marketing […]

Jul 082011
Talking Domain Names with Antony Van Couvering

Today I’m pleased to publish the first of a two part interview with Antony Van Couvering, of Mind + Machines. As you will read, Antony has been a force in the domain name business since before there way such a thing. The recent approval of new top level domains (TLDs) by ICANN promises to fundamentally […]

Mar 252011
A Conversation with Ali Farshchian, Founder of CircleID

If you are serious about issues involving Internet infrastructure, then you’re probably a member of CircleID. It’s the online community where the “big brains” of the Internet go to debate Internet technology and policy. I’d never claim to be one of those big brains, but I’ve been a member since 2005. And during that time […]

Oct 272010

While vacationing this past summer I finally got around to reading The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman. It’s a fascinating read, and Friedman’s take on the changes wrought by technology and globalization has stood up extremely well since the book was first published in 1999. In the book Friedman talks about […]

Jul 032008

Last week stories broke about a significant change in the way Internet addressing will be managed. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has opened up the process of assigning new top level domains (TLD’s), such as .com and .net. Potentially any string of letters could be a TLD — maybe we’ll see […]