Nov 142016
Fall 2016 at Calvert Woodley

It’s fall in the greater Washington region, so that means it’s time for the Calvert Woodley wine sale. I received the new catalog a few weeks back. Calvert Woodley is a venerable presence in DMV (the District, Maryland and Virginia) wine circles, with co-founder Ed Sands celebrating 50 years in the business this past July. […]

May 052014
Remarkable Ripasso

It’s rare for me to do a story on a single wine. But recently my wife and I enjoyed the 2009 Accordini Ripasso Valpolicella and she pronounced it “the best Italian wine I’ve ever had.” So clearly a post was required! I’ve written previously about some Ripassos that were good wines and also good values. […]

Nov 082011

This weekend I stopped by Calvert Woodley, a landmark DC establishment for wine. I wanted to pick up some French wine, and I wanted to attend a tasting of some wines imported by Robert “Bobby” Kacher. Kacher is a well known importer and a resident of DC. He was gracious as he multitasked conversations and […]