Jan 162018
2017 BMW Sales

Final numbers are in for 2017 BMW sales in the U.S. For the first time since 2009, the overall automotive market in this country did not increase. The total number of new cars sold in North America went down, by 1.75 percent to 17.245 million vehicles. BMW brand sales were down 2.4 percent to 305, […]

Jul 062015
BMW Sales Midway Through 2015

BMW has released sales numbers through June of this year. BMW brand sales (not including Mini) are up 7.1 percent over the first six months of 2014. That’s a healthy increase, but a bit off the 9.8 percent growth BMW accomplished in 2014. BMW and Mercedes are again wheel to wheel in the race to […]

Dec 032014
A Look at 2014 BMW Sales

BMW November sales numbers for North America have just been released. Month to month sales were down 2.3 percent, though year to year BMW sales are still up 9.7 percent. It’s been a good year for BMW but sales have definitely cooled since I looked at the March and May sales numbers. Looking behind the […]

Jun 072014
BMW Sales Continue to Rise in May

The numbers are in and BMW’s sales in the U.S. continued to climb in May. Sales were up 17.3 percent May to May, with 29,602 units sold. For the first five months of 2014, sales are up 12.2 percent. The overall trend is the same, but some things have changed since I wrote about BMW’s […]

Apr 042014
BMW Sales Strong in March

BMW sales numbers are out and the company had a big month in March. For BMW brand vehicles month to month sales were up 18.6 percent and YTD sales up 11.5 percent. Mini sales are reported together with BMW in the United States and they were down almost 40 percent as that brand awaits new […]

Nov 112012
U.S. BMW Sales Strong, Growth Pace Slows

Last week BMW released its October sales numbers in the U.S. The 2012 numbers continue to be impressive, with October year to year sales up 20.9 percent, and year to date sales up 6.7 percent. (These percentages exclude the Mini brand.) Compared to the first two quarters however, the growth rate has slowed. As I […]

Aug 052010
BMW's Quality Crisis

I’ve been worrying about BMW reliability lately. And not about either my M3 or my 530. It’s how BMW’s quality and reliability have worsened in recent years. A little background — I don’t buy new BMWs, I like to buy lightly used ones that have been well maintained by their owners. So no one in […]