Oct 132014
Selling My BMW E36 M3

A personal era closed out this past weekend. After almost 11 years of ownership, I sold my 1999 BMW E36 M3. It only has 62,500 miles, and is in pristine condition. Not only was it in great shape with loads of preventative maintenance, but over the years I made incremental¬† improvements — performance software, exhaust, […]

Sep 022014
BMW Enthusiast Interview with Paul Valliere -- Part One

Today I’m publishing part one of my interview with Paul Valliere. Paul is a long-time BMW enthusiast who owns three classic BMW M cars, one of them being the Euro-spec E36 M3 pictured above. Only 45 of these vehicles were imported to North America in 1994, and Paul has the official number one. Bimmer magazine […]

Jan 272013
BMW's 2012 Sales Best Ever in United States

2012 was BMW of North America’s best year ever in this country. All told the company sold 347,583 vehicles, including the Mini brand. BMW model sales totaled 281,460, an increase of 13.5 percent from 2011. The company finished the year with a huge surge, selling almost 40 percent more BMW vehicles in December 2012 than […]

Jan 182012
What Does BMW M Mean Anymore?

I own two BMW M cars, a 1999 M3 and a 2002 M5. I’m a fan of the manufacturer and the M line. But BMW has muddied the M identity by producing so many models in the past couple of years. This point was brought home yesterday via a discussion on the Facebook page of […]

Jun 142011
#1 on Google -- A Personal SEO Success Story

I’ve been publishing this blog for three and a half years. I launched it with three topics to work with rather than just one, since I thought that would make it easier to come up with interesting content. That has turned out to be mostly true, but it still can be tough to consistently publish […]