Jan 182011
Upkeep on the 2001 BMW 530

This Saturday I got some simple upkeep done on my 2001 BMW 530. The oil filter needed changing, and I needed to fix the corner of the passenger side headlight assembly, which somehow got pushed slightly out of position. The oil filter change is very straight-forward, but of course you need the right tools. In […]

Mar 232010
Spring Cleaning for the BMWs

Last weekend was beautiful in the DC area, and a great time for a little car spring cleaning. I took the snow tires off the 530, swapped out the interior rubber mats for carpet and gave her a thorough hand washing. For the M3, I needed to wash her and then remove the lip spoiler […]

Dec 222009
Too Slow on the Snow Shoes for Blizzard '09

The blizzard of 2009 took me a little by surprise, as it did many DC area residents. Yes, the media was reporting on the possible snow totals for a couple of days but the media here always hypes snow. Between work and Christmas shopping, I had put off putting the snow tires on the 530. […]

Sep 072009
Finally the 530 Gets a Facelift

Happy Labor Day to all. It’s an especially fun one for me since I’ve finally completed a project on the 2001 530. But it took an incredible amount of time, I started this project at the beginning of the summer. Here then is the story. I have wanted to freshen up the 530 bumpers for […]

Nov 122008
DIY the Answer to ABS Problem

As I wrote in an August 2 post, my 2001 530 was having trouble with its AntiLock Braking System (ABS) and traction control. The codes were lighting up on the console, signaling the system was out. I had cleaned and replaced the front sensors, and that seemed to work at first. Read the original post […]

Aug 022008
The Zen of DIY BMW Maintenance

This weekend my 2001 530 got a lot of attention. It was a very productive day — a vibration issue related to new rims purchased in late April was finally resolved, and I replaced both front ABS/speed sensors. Before I dive into the details, a word about owning a BMW out of warranty. Unless you […]

Apr 222008
New Shoes for the 530

I bought a 2001 530 back in September. BMW made the E39 5 Series from 1997 through 2003. It is a fantastic mix of comfort and performance, and in the opinion of many the last “classic” body style before the 5 Series design went in a very different, modernistic direction. Here’s how Edmunds described the […]