Mar 022015
Why Are Some People So Enthusiastic About Old BMWs?

Good question – why are they? This was the title of a conversation thread started recently on The conversation crystallizes perfectly the gulf of understanding between old school BMW enthusiasts and the majority of new BMW purchasers today. The original poster (OP in forum lingo) cannot fathom why anyone would be excited about an […]

Feb 222014
Fixing the DICE iPod on My E39 M5

When I bought my E39 M5 in 2011, one of the nice mods it came with was an integrated iPod player. It was a clean looking installation with the connector coming through the center console. I’m no hard core audiophile, but I quickly got used to not messing with CDs and having my entire music […]

Mar 172013
Solving BMW Vibration on My E39 M5

This week I solved a problem with my E39 M5 having a vibration at highway speeds. At 70 mph there was a vibration that seemed to come from directly beneath the car. It was not coming from the steering wheel, and was not connected to accelerating or braking. BMW suspensions have a reputation for being […]

Mar 222011

My post last Friday questioning whether there is a future for BMW enthusiasts struck a nerve. To date the article has been viewed over 500 times, and there have been numerous comments made in online forums. Here’s a sampling of what I’m hearing from fellow enthusiasts. Many agreed with me, but some thought I was […]

Oct 112010

I’m excited today to publish the first of a two part interview with Mike Miller. Mike is a long-time columnist for both Roundel and Bimmer magazines. He’s also a former mechanic, a holder of a Master’s of Environmental Law degree from Vermont Law School and basically a lifetime lover of BMW. However, that doesn’t prevent […]