Feb 182011
HBGary Federal Loses Its Way

The biggest story coming out of the RSA show this week has been the public embarrassment suffered by the security firm HBGary Federal. If current reporting is accurate, it’s a sobering story of online dangers and unprofessional behavior on the part of the company. The hacker group Anonymous penetrated the computers of HBGary Federal on […]

Aug 122008
The Key Ingredient for Thought Leadership -- Thoughts

Thought leadership is very important in public relations. It is incredibly powerful when your client is seen an an expert in his or her field, and it makes earned media coverage much easier to secure. But sometimes clients assume that thought leadership is simply a process PR pros have mastered, when it really starts with […]

Jul 312008

Really interesting article from Tim Lee of Ars Technica about customer owned residential fiber. Yes you read that right — a pilot program in Ottawa ran fiber to 400 homes, and the residents own the last mile. Sure gives Fiber to the Home (FTTH) a whole new meaning: http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/customer-owned-fiber.ars While this could insert a fascinating […]

Jun 122008

A new survey came out during a Broadband Policy conference here in DC. It was put on by Pike and Fischer, a subsidiary of BNA (http://www.bna.com/about/companies.htm) that looks at broadband from a policy perspective: http://www.broadbandpolicysummit.com/ The survey found that 40% of attendees ranked high speed as the most appealing advanced service, substantially more than services […]

Jun 032008

Fierce competition is back on the web browser front. After Microsoft crushed the Netscape challenge in the mid to late 90’s, Microsoft Explorer cruised for years as the overwhelming leader in the web browser market. It still is, with approximately 75% market share. But out of the Netscape defeat rose the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit […]