Nov 022014
Calvert Woodley Fall Wine Sale

Having grown up in Connecticut, I’ve always loved fall. One fall tradition I really enjoy here in the greater Washington, DC region is the Calvert Woodley fall wine sale. When the weather turns cooler, I know their impressive catalogue will soon be arriving at my door. More than just a listing of sale items, it’s […]

Sep 212014
The Long Tail Wine Post

The rise of the Internet made popular the concept of the long tail — serving a great number of interests and niches individually small in number but collectively making up a significant population. A long tail strategy is the opposite of offering a few products broadly popular to a mass market. Long tail in the […]

Jun 232014
Niagara Falls Wines

My latest WashingtonExec column published today. I was in Canada earlier this month and had a chance to visit some vineyards on the Niagara peninsula. Vineyards reviewed are Peller Estates, Trius Vineyards and Inniskillin. None of these three offered a red that I found impressive, but there were some very enjoyable Rieslings and ice wines. […]

May 052014
Remarkable Ripasso

It’s rare for me to do a story on a single wine. But recently my wife and I enjoyed the 2009 Accordini Ripasso Valpolicella and she pronounced it “the best Italian wine I’ve ever had.” So clearly a post was required! I’ve written previously about some Ripassos that were good wines and also good values. […]

Mar 262014
The Making of a Terroirist

My latest Wine and Dine column published yesterday in WashingtonExec. It’s a Q&A with David White, founder of the popular Terroirist wine blog and chief operating officer of DC-based Keybridge Communications. I really enjoyed this interview, because it was a “two-fer” for me. In less than four years David has built the “Best Overall Wine […]

Mar 162014
A Wine World Kerfuffle, and DC #1 in Consumption

A noisy debate is currently going on inside the U.S. wine scene. It was touched off by a tasting at the Symposium of Professional Wine Writers held recently in Napa. Here’s reporting from David White at Terroirist and Alder Yarrow at Vinography. The gist as I understand it — there was a tasting of lesser […]

Jan 242014
What's the State of the Wine Industry in 2014?

Today my latest wine column published in WashingtonExec. I look at the predicted state of the wine industry in 2014 based on the annual report put out by Silicon Valley bank. This report has been published since 2010 and is full of interesting primary data. One of the more sobering predictions is something I covered […]

Jan 142014
2014 Resolutions for the Wine World

Joe Roberts of 1WineDude is one of the wine bloggers I follow via RSS. Last week he was interviewed by another local wine enthusiast, Laurie Forster. Forster publishes a site called the Wine Coach and hosts a Baltimore radio program on 1090 AM. In the interview they discuss their 2014 resolutions for the wine industry. […]

Dec 292013 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

2103 was a busy year for my site. According to WordPress JetPack statistics, as of this morning it has received 63,469 views. The site has also achieved a global Alexa ranking of 265,477, and a U.S. ranking of 65,990.  Each year since 2008 my traffic has grown, and I send a big thank you […]

Dec 032013
Holiday Wine Ideas

Last week in my WashingtonExec column I talked about good bets for Thanksgiving wine. I thought I’d expand the focus here to the holiday season, sharing some suggestions from wine bloggers I read regularly. Robert Dwyer at Wellesley Wine Press just published a long form piece in his local magazine about wine and holidays. He […]

Nov 262013
Thanksgiving Wines for Your Table

My latest wine column published yesterday in WashingtonExec. It talks about a number of suggested Thanksgiving wines that will please family and friends. I focus on Bordeaux, Ripasso, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel wines. All are first hand recommendations — if you don’t like any of them, you can leave a nasty comment! Whatever wine you […]

Oct 292013
What's Your Wine Manifesto?

My latest wine column went live today on WashingtonExec. In it I review the wine manifesto laid out by Jaime Goode, a long time wine blogger and wine columnist for the U.K. newspaper The Sunday Express. It’s natural to get passionate about wine. Some of Jaime’s points are good one in my opinion, others not […]