Aug 082016
content marketing

image via Convince and Convert

Last week I found an article/video on content marketing that just nailed it in multiple ways. It was a guest post on Convince and Convert by Joei Chan at Medium. The post made five predictions about content marketing trends in 2017.

Joei assembled an all-star cast of content marketing influencers. She talked to Rand Fishkin, Larry KimBenji HyamSam Mallikarjunan, and Sujan Patel. The predictions were clear and well supported. The accompanying video was well produced and concise. The excellence is execution gives a lot of added authority to the prognostications of these content marketing leaders.

Their five predictions for 2017 are:

  • Brands will become more creative with format
  • Messaging needs to be more niche
  • Video will reign supreme
  • Content Marketing will outshine traditional advertising
  • Consistent engagement will prove vital

I also enjoyed this video because many of my clients are already executing on some of the best practices outlined. Echoing Rand Fishkin and Benji Hyam, they go beyond high level and get to tactical specifics with their content.

My client publication WorkSpace Today looks at collaborative technology in the modern office via specific business functions — Finance, IT, Human Resources etc. The SatCom Frontier blog I maintain for a commercial satellite client outlines new technologies and makes clear policy recommendations to improve procurement and deliver more innovative technology for the DoD.

My clients are also on board when it comes to running paid campaigns in social media to support their content, as recommended by Larry Kim. You can deliver excellent results without spending a lot of money. I wrote about some of StoryTech’s results on the social media advertising front in a post last year.

StoryTech is currently negotiating with a production agency to make high quality video production easier and more economical for clients.  Based on the video below, I’d say Medium is definitely acting on prediction three – video will reign supreme.

If you like the video as much as I do, give Joei a share. And let me know via the comments where you see content marketing going in 2017.


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