Jun 062016
Mary Meeker State of the Internet report

courtesy of KPCB and recode

I’ve been writing about Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet report for a few years now on this site. Her 2016 edition was just made public. Here’s the entire slide deck courtesy of KPCB and hosted on LinkedIn.

Mary has widened her scope over the years and the deck is up to 213 pages. If you’ve got 24 minutes, here’s an edited/condensed video of her presentation at the recode conference a few days ago. If you don’t have that much time, here are my takeaways.

  • In 1985 global productivity was $19 trillion, and Japan/Europe/North America was 63 percent of that number. Today it’s $114 trillion, and 29 percent.
  • Global population growth is slowing, falling from 2 percent a year in 1960 to 1.2 percent and is projected to continue declining through 2050.
  • Advertisers in North America continue to be over-indexed in print (as percentage of time spent vs. ad spend) and under-indexed in mobile, a consistent Meeker theme.
  • Slides 61 – 70 are a good overview of the evolution of retail.
  • Same for slides 100 – 110 on messaging.

For another source, here’s Inc.com on what they thought most significant.

As you can tell, Mary’s report has expanded considerably beyond just the state of the Internet. While it’s all interesting, you may need to sift to find the items truly relevant to you. However, this report has become an annual tradition and is a notable example of a firm releasing interesting research free of charge to bolster their thought-leadership and name recognition.

You know your report is famous when a parody video gets made. Here’s a humorous suggestion for how to adapt such a long powerpoint presentation for Millennials.


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