Jul 222015
Twitter Audience Demo

graphic courtesy of Simply Measured

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my clients are running social media advertising campaigns. Major platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have limited the effectiveness of organic sharing and promotion, making changes clearly intended to steer companies towards paying for reach and exposure.

Typically when money is spent companies want to see reporting that shows ROI. In addition, many¬† companies are expanding into more social media platforms. So there is an increased need for analytics that clearly demonstrate how a client’s social media content is performing.

These are the trends that led me to a conversation with Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm. I found them when I needed something fast — I needed the Twitter handles of all my client’s followers. Pulling this data used to be fairly simple, but Twitter removed this feature when they changed their API about two years ago.

By running a free sample report with Simply Measured, I was able to pull these handles and complete a Twitter Audience I needed for a promotional campaign. Since Simply Measured had helped me out, I asked for a demo. Mark responded quickly and gave me a clear run down of their reports and potential use cases.

The reports come both in Powerpoint and Excel, so they are already pretty for reporting but you can also get in and play with the data. As you can see from the Red Bull example above, the reach of social media can be powerfully presented. The value proposition for B2C companies is obvious, since they are usually dealing with multiple platforms and large numbers of interactions.

There are also some interesting uses for B2B, such as competitive research. For example, knowing the most influential Twitter followers of a major competitor would be interesting. Simply needing to review and analyze your own followers is very helpful. And getting reporting on all social media platforms on one dashboard – including YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest – is convenient for companies of any size.

If you need to improve your social media reporting, give Simply Measured a look.


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