Jul 022014
Benefits of content marketing

graphic courtesy of bigvisionseo.com.au

Recently I was describing to a friend what I do for StoryTech Consulting clients, and she was very interested. She asked that I list all the benefits of a well executed content marketing strategy, for her to share with colleagues.

I pulled the list together and sent it. And then I thought — “hey, that would make a good post!”

So here’s my list of the benefits of content marketing – it’s a long one since the benefits are myriad. I’ve seen every one of these happen for my clients:

  • Audience Building — you build your overall audience via a publishing strategy. For many clients, their “house list” is their most precious resource, and content marketing can make it larger.
  • Organic SEO — you optimize for certain terms, and then gradually rise up the ranks of Google and other search engine rankings with a consistent publication calendar. Many of my clients do AdWord campaigns (paid campaigns on Google), and eventually can spend less money on that front due to better organic performance. The more narrow the company niche, the faster this can occur.
  • Influencer Relations — think analyst relations, but in a new age. Every industry has influencers, and producing quality content puts a company in a strong position to build relationships. If the content is good and company is big enough, influencers may eventually want to guest-publish for you!
  • Earned Media placements — because of the contraction of traditional print due to the Internet and social media explosion, publishers are desperate for good content. My clients have been able to place our owned media stories (unaltered) as byline articles in trade press.
  • Prospect Nurturing – a big one. The content produced becomes thought leadership “collateral” for sales to put in front of prospects on regular basis. This is critical for any high consideration/long cycle type sale. Companies must realize we now live in the age of the “Enlightened Buyer” — customers self-educate today. You need to give them your story — or someone else will.
  • Improved close rates – with the right analytic tools, we’ll know exactly what content resonates best with prospects. This information helps sales increase their close percentage.
  • Better internal communications — a lesser goal for most of my clients, but a consistent content marketing strategy helps put all employees on the same page when it comes to company messaging. Can be important for fast growth companies with geo dispersed employees.
  • Public Affairs – rarely the sole focus of my clients, but content marketing can be used to pursue policy goals. Past clients have used content marketing to connect into the Net Neutrality debate, and to protect important government contracts.
  • Executive Branding — a regular publishing (and promotion) strategy can elevate the profile of C-level execs, making speaker opportunities and such easier to secure.

That’s what I’ve seen content marketing accomplish. Please comment or ping me with others if you think I missed any. And have a joyous Fourth of July celebration.


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